Rating System

This system is for whenever I watch a new TV series, Movie or A Guest Writers Blog Post. I will basically give it a score between 1-10. Here is a run down of the system and what badges bet awarded.

1. Fell asleep, turned it over, didn’t finish.
2. Didn’t finish.
3. Finished but didn’t enjoy it.
4. Finished it, didn’t really enjoy it, had some glimpses of hope.
5. Not bad, held my attention, wouldn’t recommend to others.
6. Was Good, enjoyed some parts, wouldn’t recommend.
7. Good. Enjoyed it. Worth a Recommendation.
8. Very Good. Really enjoyed it. Recommended.
9. Excellent, well thought out TV piece or blog. Highly Recommended.
10. Mind Blown – Fantastic – Captivating. Highly Recommended & Certified Awesome.

Used when I recommend you watch or read it.
Awarded if I recommend you watch or read it.
Used When A Netflix Show Is recommended.
Not Recommended.
Used For Ratings of 10 Only.