About Me

Kia ora. You’re here right now for the same reason I started this site, to learn more about Bipolar disorder. This site will document my constant battle with Bipolar, its affect on my life and how I am now starting to get things back on track.

That’s correct! I have Bipolar 1 (Also suffer with Anxiety and ADHD). I have had it since I was a young teenager, however, I was only diagnosed with it in my mid thirties. This diagnosis helped me understand why things had been happening the way they did in my life, it in a basic way helped me come to terms with who I am as a person and acknowledge that I think differently, and that is OK.

In reality I am 36 years old (in 2019). I am a bloke, have two wonderful kids and an amazing partner (not the mother of the kids). I am an Emergency Ambulance Officer and previous primary school teacher. I am passionate about emergency medicine, triage and life saving interventions.

I currently live in the North Island of New Zealand, however, I am actually from the United Kingdom. I lived in Liverpool (UK) until I was 25, emigrating at 25 to the tranquil New Zealand. As of 2019 I have been here for eleven years.

So buckle up, read some posts, hopefully they help. If not then move on, if they do then please say hello.

My thoughts are often jumbled up, due to my ever frantic brain.

Current Rx list:

Living With The Unseen is also known as Bipolar New Zealand, abbreviated Bipolar NZ. We/I are a non-profit, collective blog, supporting those who suffer from bipolar through our blog posts talking about the disorder. All our thoughts are our own, some my be distressing to some readers, however we will try to identify any posts that fit this criteria. They are clearly labelled.

There are also a number of guest writers who write to this blog. You can identify them by the Authors name in their post. All my posts show “Teddy”.


  1. Kia ora! Thanks for following me on Twitter.

    I love Aotearoa. In 1995, I flew from San Franciso to Auckland to explore the North Island by myself. I only had a little over a week, but I had an amazing time. I hope to return there someday! I’m a huge fan of Split Enz, Crowded House, and Dave Dobbyn. While I was in New Zealand, I saw Crowded House perform at the Westfield Manukau City Shopping Centre. I went to a Dave Dobbyn concert in Wellington—it was incredible.

    Please l et me know if you’d like to read (and possibly review) my memoir “Birth of a New Brain—Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder.” I can email you a PDF. Drop me a line at dyaneleshinharwood@gmail.com if that sounds good.

    I was so lucky that Ashley Peterson liked it – here’s her review:


    Enjoy blogging, and welcome to the blogosphere!



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