Psychiatrist Appointment Tomorrow

So I have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow to basically review my medications and potentially add an antidepressant to my medication mix. For the past two weeks I have supposed to have been on 15mg of Olanzapine and 50mg of Quetiapine, of which I decided to stop taking as I was literally a zombie on these medications. Am just hoping that the doctor will add an antidepressant instead as I seem to be probe to pretty crappy depressive episodes more often than not. I think citalapram is the medication I could be put on as I’ve been prescribed that before many moons ago.


  1. My doctor was against putting me on anti-depressants because they can actually induce mania in bipolar patients. And so while I was struggling with mania and mood swings, she didn’t want me adding something that could potentially make my symptoms worse. I share this with you because you are taking yourself off the medication that manages the mania and mood swings and now wanting to add something that makes you feel happier (thus naturally creating a mania-like feeling). I feel this is very risky which is why I wanted to share words in your direction.

    I hope for your wellness and I am thinking of you. It is hard to be in the zombie state but sometimes our mind needs that rest from the mania. It is hard to get through the days feeling numb but numbness is often better than the out of control state that mania takes me. I am going through coping mechanisms for my mania and I am experimenting with taking the mood stabilizer (Depakote) when I have swung into a prolonged hypomanic/manic state. I take it for a couple days to bring myself out of the high and get back to business. So far it has been working.

    Perhaps you could talk to your doctor about something similar. My fear for you is that you aren’t properly managing the out of control nature of your illness which could set you up for a surprise breakdown at some future point. My heart is with you and my intent behind sharing words is not to attack or belittle or do anything negative in your direction. I share because I am concerned and want to offer words that might provide a different perspective.

    Much love and peace and joy and happiness in your journey to mental wellness. I am here reading as much as you’ll share.



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