Have A Happy Christmas

I just want to take this time in wishing all those who read my blog a very happy christmas and holiday period.

I started this blog back in March 2018, detailing my bipolar treatment and how life was. Today I have 1315 total followers of which 1000+ are on Twitter and the rest on WordPress. I would have gave up this blog many months back if it weren’t for those regular bloggers who comment and visit my blog. I appreciate the comments and although I sometimes don’t respond, your comments always stay with me.

My blog goal for 2020 is to be more active with my blog (more posts) and more interactive with those who leave comments.

My personal goal is to live everyday by my values of kindness, happiness and peace.

One comment

  1. Those are wonderful goals for a blessed year of growth and exploration. With Kindness leading the Goals, you will find yourself being gentler with the person you have found yourself to be. Because Kindness is deserved on your part as much as the part of anyone else. And as you find Kindness for yourself in others, Happiness will blossom as you realize how blissful it is to make others feel better while feeling better doing it. The endless amounts of continued happiness lead to a peaceful state of contentedness where the world passes by and everything is just right even when nothing feels right at all. Peace be with you my friend.

    I am grateful you will continue your presence in the blogging world. I look forward to your posts and the chance to offer my words to another person going through what I am.

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