Life on Double Antipsychotics

So I now take Olanzapine 15mg and Quetiapine 50mg daily and everything feels…ok. I expected to be much more sedated than I am, even though I am pretty sedated I just expected to be a pure zombie. My racing thoughts and noisy mind has halted which is cool.

When I saw my psychiatrist yesterday we talked about adding an antidepressant to my medications as I struggle to get out of depression. She is open to the idea and we’ll talk more about it in two weeks. I do hope she adds one to my rx list, as I know the potential dangers of taking them when bipolar. We’ll just have to keep a close eye on my moods I guess.

Who else with bipolar takes antidepressants? If so which ones do you take.

Hope everyone is ready and prepared for the coming silly season.

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  1. My pdoc is refusing to prescribe any antidepressants for me, despite how bad my depressive episodes are because I’ve been hospitalised twice in the past year for mania. It’s really disappointing because fluoxetine really worked for me! (Ultimately it did send me into mania) good luck!

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