What’s With All The Dating Someone With Bipolar Spam?

Is anyone else seeing it, lots of posts on brand new blogs with the title talking about dating someone with bipolar?

First time I’ve seen such mass spam.


  1. Looking back throughout my life I feel comfortable in saying that I was bi-polar before diagnosis. It was a definite cause on my relationships hitting the ditch.
    So, I can see that with out treatment and understanding dating with someone who is bi-polar could be a Titanic hitting the ice berg!


  2. Some people have assumed I’m not worth meeting the instant they realize I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. They imagine that their experiences with someone else, who has the same diagnosis, reveal what it would be like to spend time with me. If they were to educate themselves on the topic they’d realize that mood stabilizers work very well for a lot of people with bipolar disorder.

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