A Review of Group Therapy

For the past sixteen weeks I have been attending group therapy sessions. The first ten weeks were focused on anxiety management and the later weeks focused on managing mental health, life style, relationships and living skills. For me the most valuable part has been talking with others who are in a very similar situation.

Throughout the weeks I have learnt about and used skills from CBT and DBT aswell as learning about acceptance therapy (ACT). These skills have been useful in helping my mind settle when it gets heightened.

The big takeaway learning for me was being able to identify my feelings and attempt to rationalise a positive response in my head. I mean it all sounds hairy fairy but at times it does actually help me.

Please excuse the fragmented sentences and ideas, I am finding the Olanzapine is messing with my mind at the moment.

Has anyone else been to group therapy? If so how did you find it?


  1. I did while in my stay in the psych hospital. I did learn something’s about myself but you weren’t allowed to dig deep out loud for fear of triggering someone else. It seemed a little pointless in that aspect. But like i said ultimately it was a good experience

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  2. I have attended group therapy during my stays in the Mental Health Ward
    The first couple of them I was quiet and withdrawn.
    After a period of time I really found them helpful, ways to combat different aspects of my bi-polar mind.
    There is a lot of things I learned in them that I still use even now while I am writing.

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