Mania, Medication Update

First things first, my computer has stopped working so my posts are now all done on my mobile. Pretty guttered about this because I really enjoy sitting at my desk thinking about what to write. I find using my mobile quite hard at times. If any kind souls in New Zealand have a computer they don’t use and would be interested in donating it to me I would be ever grateful.

Mania: I am still in a manic phase, albeit not as bad as three weeks ago but still I have sudden bursts of energy that are destructive. That brings me onto meds.

Medications: Lithium increased to 1000mg and Olanzapine steady at 15mg daily.

Psychiatrist is confident that mania will be under control. I am hopeful although it’s nice to feel so happy again.

On another random note I haven’t drank alcohol for 11 months. I never had any problems with alcohol, just chuffed I haven’t wanted to drink. Haven’t lost any weight because if it or reduced the beer gut.

Update: I just hit 300 WordPress followers and 1044 Twitter followers. Thank you all for following.


  1. Was once on the Lithium/Olanzapine combo, with Benzodiazepine for anxiety, unfortunately it left me bloated and emotionally flatlined… which was a contributing factor in my second divorce. Psychotropics had always been hit and miss as I had cycled through healthcare providers. Trying a different approach this week, with a neurofeedback consultation, seems to work for a person I know with the same diagnosis as myself, bipolar II w/PTSD… curious if you’ve considered this treatment or have any familiarity from people you know who may have tried, or are trying this form of therapy..?

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