25 Days Until Disappointment

That’s right Christmas Day is going to be a big disappointment for me and my kid’s. You see I am on home detention or house arrest to those in North America. My sentence finishes on the 29th December.

The home detention is a result of a bad manic episode that I had last year.

Anyway I am obviously unable to leave the house and do any shopping and because I mostly live alone I have no one else who can help.

So because of my stupidity my kid’s won’t have anything to wake up too. Anyone have any cool ideas to make things fun for us?


      • Granted you are stcuk indoors, but is there any way that someone can get you craft paper in colors, sparkle glue, and ribbons? If you can get all of these items, create decorations to deck the home out with.
        Make it fun by turning on festive music, and check out craft idea’s online. Make your own magic happen, it’s something they will always look back on as the true meaning of Christmas, just by being together.
        I always remembered my mother doing this for me when I was little, and my family couldn’t do much. We created our own Christmas.

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      • Also… You can make a movie day. Play it up like a theatre. Have a sheet or curtain in front of the TV. Play nothing but Christmas movies all day long, pop popcorn, make rice crispee treats, frozen pizza;s… Whatever.
        Again… It’s inexpensive, and if you turn it into something you show enthusiasm, they will be impressed and most likely really enjoy it.

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