What Is Bipolar To Me

In popular culture Bipolar is often seen by others as being just major depression and people committing suicide. From my experiences the majority of people don’t know about the manic side of the disorder.

I have found that the character Ian Gallagher from the TV Show Shameless is the closest interpretation of a person living with bipolar. The show outlines the struggles he has, from his severe depression, his stable periods to his destructive manic episodes. Not not all people become destructive or severe depressed but in my case it’s true.

Bipolar to me is normal. It’s part of me, without consuming me. It’s like having a cold all the time. Medication only dampens the symptoms but never completely removes them. Some days the symptoms are more severe and some days the symptoms don’t seem to exist. For me the mania is the demon within me, when I am manic I do very reckless things which have been mentioned in various posts.

What am interested in is how others describe Bipolar in themselves so please share.


  1. For me, having bipolar is like having all of The Smurfs inside my head and never knowing which of them is going to have the majority of the influence on my thoughts, emotions and actions.

    Check out a list of The Smurf characters and their dispositions. How many of the 100 (approx) characters can you personally relate to?


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