Anti-Psychotic Sleepiness

Recently, I was put back on Olanzapine (15mg) in aid of dampening my heightening manic phase. It has helped bring my mood down and put a curb to me feeling a tad excitable, well very excitable to be honest. So i’ll give in an A for bringing me back down. Hopefully, I don’t continue going down to depression, only time will tell.

Anyway every morning I’ve been on Olanzapine I have felt extremely tired and in a better word hungover. I struggle to get out of bed after a solid 10 hour sleep and I honestly feel like I have had a few rums the night before. I am back with my psychiatrist in a week so I will ask them for solutions to the drowsy/hungover feeling.

Has anyone else experienced this, if so what helped?


  1. I experience the same sleepiness and difficulty waking. Lowering my dose helps to keep me from full blown mania but it isn’t as effective as a higher dose. But I think I found the best balance of stability versus sleepiness at 5mg.


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