Day 2 of Mania

Feels like my brain is racing around my skull. Can’t focus on basic tasks, easily distracted and apparently don’t make much logical sense.

My therapist also said I appear to be manic. So that’s a few people now that have told me.

I feel great so am not complaining. I’ll probably get a visit from my case manager tomorrow as my therapist has probably told him. Which will ultimately mean my psychiatrist knows and they will have a plan to sedate (medicate) me.

I also started hearing low music playing earlier, checked the whole house to see if someone is playing tricks on me. Nope just my brain having its own exclusive party.

One comment

  1. I am bipolar and enter manic states frequently as I am a rapid cycling bipolar. I am deeply interested in knowing about the manic states of others as I feel it would help me better understand my own.

    You mentioned you aren’t making logical sense – do you still make sense to yourself in this state?

    And try not to fight the flow of what mania is trying to tell you, try not to feel uncomfortable in the moment you are in. If your mind is seeking to disconnect, try to align your self to better understand why the disconnect needs to happen. That’s what I have tried to do and have found the mania to be much more enjoyable and under control when I go with it as opposed to make myself feel bad for feeling so good.

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