I have become manic

Yep I was in denial about it today and thought I was just having a good day. Fact is am having a much better than good day. The lightheadedness I blogged about earlier was an obvious warning sign for me and my partner pointed out some other traits earlier. She said my speech is racing, my thoughts are muddled and I am hyper. Now that I think about it I feel very odd, I feel the energy flowing through me like a drug and my mind is thinking about so much. The danger now is whether it becomes a destructive episode as I’ve not been manic for some time. It’s time to buckle my seatbelt and get ready for the ride.

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  1. Okay, first are words to calm the anxiety about being manic – Mania is not the end of the world. It does not have to be a bad thing that takes you away from the person you want to be and causes you trouble in your everyday life. But mania is real and does need some real effort to not become a problem.

    You mentioned it – it felt like a good day. Except it felt like a REALLY good day because the mania was looming. The truth is that the days are better because of mania but like drug, there are side effects for over-indulging into the waves of euphoria that come with being manic.

    For me I refer to being manic as Magically Accessing Neural Intelligence Channels. I go into this other state where information just consumes me (the racing thoughts). The information (racing thoughts) feels so good to think, that I used to keep thinking it until I lost my shit and the manic switched from being a good thing into being something out of a nightmare. But I have learned how to nurture the mania and milk the good feelings from it and leave the bad for another time that never comes.

    Just remember that on the high of mania, you are not likely to want to eat or sleep or do anything that you need to do to keep up your responsibilities. This is where the mania becomes destructive. If you can recognize this pattern of behavior and work to combat it while the mania is present, you can learn control of the manic behaviors and make the high not quite so destructive. So while you have this endless energy, try to make sure you are doing something to get regular sleep as much as you can manage and try to force yourself to replenish your nutrients so as not to starve yourself into a crazy state.

    And if you can, write or record your racing thoughts. I deeply believe we enter these states because our being needs to know something the present day world can’t quite explain. And so we exit reality into the realms of mania to understand a message our body needs to hear. Leaving reality can cause problems but if you ground yourself in reality before leaning your ear to hear the message, then mania doesn’t have to be this out of this world experience that causes a disconnect between where your body lies and your mind explores.

    I hope my words help. I have been riding the high of a manic episode since the beginning of the year. As long as I kept my situation under control I found myself able to maintain control. And it has been a blissfully happy year full of the good feelings mania brings without the negativity of how mania can cause a person to lose control. I think the trick is that I learned to moderate pulling the information from mania (racing thoughts) and using the endless energy that is offered and feeling the bountiful euphoria that comes during mania. Moderation is the key to coasting the waves of mania safely.

    How do you do moderating yourself? Is self control something of an issue for your being? I ask because this was a hurdle I needed to overcome and still am working through.

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