Talking Therapy

So I was recently offered Talking Therapy by my local hospital and decided to go ahead and take advantage of it. Not sure what to expect as I have never done it before. Hopefully, it will help me re-programme my brain and get it on the right path again. What are everyone’s experiences with talking therapy?


    • It was requested by my Psychiatrist so not sure whether regular or special. Being honest and open with a new person will be a challenge, but worth a shot I guess.


  1. If Talk Therapy is the same as individual counseling where you sit down with another person for an hour and talk through your problems. You resolve issues weighing on your mind, develop new thought patterns or processes, release any built up emotion – overall bring your mind to a better place.

    Talk Therapy in this sense has been very helpful for me. I have found a sense of self due to counselling that I can feel positive about. I have learned to release my negative perception of the world around me. I have learned to soothe my inner rage. There have been many accomplishment as I broached individual counselling.

    Talk Therapy could take shape as Group Therapy, like Anger Management or Life Coping Skills. There are a lot of different ways that Group Therapy can go but the gist of it is that you are coming into a group setting to help resolve your issues. The expectation is that through open and considerate sharing, the members of the group can come together and support each other.

    Group Therapy has been a wonderful success for me. Since starting Anger Management and Life Coping Skills I feel much more connected to the World around me. For there are very real people in my groups, facing similar mental unwellness, that are there supporting me in my attempt to get well. Even better, we are supporting each other. It’s a group effort and goes so far to make me feel wonderfully heard and understood. Very blessed feelings to have when you are mentally unwell.

    I hope that you can find what you need to be well in your Talk Therapy. You are so blessed to have a mental health network to fall into. I imagine what it would have been like 50 years ago if I was as unwell as I am now, and it makes me deeply humbled in how far mental health care has come.

    Perception and Perspective and Positivity were the keys I learned that helped turn my mindset around and got me to feeling better about the bipolar in so many ways.

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  2. I’ve had good and very very bad experiences! I’m 48 and saw my first therapist at 22. Have done it off and on over the years. The worst: (for me) they sit there and don’t say anything! It’s like going to confession (I’m not Catholic but I’ve seen confession on tv lol). The best: in one session taught me how my “cassette tape” in my head which told me negative things in an endless loop could be switched off. It took practice but in about 2 weeks the tape stopped! I’ve been dealing with that since I was 14! She taught me about mindfulness. I’d never heard of it. I wish you good luck friend. Advice: if you don’t “click” with therapist in 2-3 sessions move on.

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