Halloween Fun & Stableness

Since my last post I have been pretty busy with the kids, getting ready to scare them for Halloween. This has taken my mind off of all my problems, which has been a nice change. Last week I also started a new group therapy programme, called the STAR Recovery Programme which focuses on managing mental health among other things. So far it has helped me identify areas that I need help with and need to improve in order to progress in my own mental health recovery.

Back to Halloween I was a bit naughty and I watched Poltergeist with the kids, they are only 9 and 11 so on first impressions possibly a bit scary for them, however they didn’t seem phased by it and commented how not scary it was. I always remembered it being scarier when I was a child.

Oh and I may have Borderline Personality Disorder according to my doctor.

Happy 1st November Bloggers!

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