Video Game Therapy Working For Me

Video Game Therapy is actually a made up concept, not sure if it actually exists but I thought it sounded pretty cool so I am going to use it.

Anyhow, as you may have previously read I have been going through a really awful period with regards to my mental health. It got so bad that I attempted suicide and actively kept thinking about doing it again. I knew I had to change, and it was going to be very hard. The first part of the change was to try to remember what I really enjoyed doing and working from there, boy was that hard to do when you’re depressed.

After much internal deliberating I remembered that I really enjoyed playing video games, specifically multiplayer ones were you can talk to other people and work together in achieving a common goal. So instead of trying to find other things to bring me enjoyment I thought I would focus on just the one for now.

During my free time, which I have a lot of at the moment I would fire up my XBOX and play a game called PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS which is a militaristic battle royale game in which you can join a squad of three other people. The game requires you to thing logically to eliminate other squads in a large realistic map. You are also required to talk with and discuss tactics with your fellow team mates who are playing alongside you. I found it easy to get lost in the game and before I knew it I had spent four hours playing. The good thing was when I came off the game I felt a sense of enjoyment that I hadn’t felt for a while, it gave me a little boost in energy that helped me finish all my household chores, and since I live alone most of the time this is a helpful boost.

My point is find something you enjoy, try to focus on just one thing and really enjoy that one thing as it has worked really well for me so far.

Here’s hoping that my elevated mood continues for the foreseeable future.

Totally off-topic but I wanted to share that my third child and second daughter is due in less than four weeks. The whole situation is complicated as my partner lives in a different part of the country.

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