Fighting Through Depression

For those following this blog you will know that I have been in a pretty bad depressive mood for some weeks now. It has sucked the life out of me. Anyhow, went to psychiatrist on Monday and was prescribed Abilify. That now means that I am now taking:
– 1200mg Lithium
– 20mg Olanzapine
– 20mg Atorvastatin
– 1mg three times daily Lorazepam
– 10mg Abilify.

I don’t feel as depressed as I have been, not sure if I can credit Abilify for that just yet. Hoping for a good positive weekend with my kids.

Anyone else taking Abilify? What are your experiences.


  1. I think Abilify is supposed to kick in pretty quick. I did well on it for years, then unfortunately it stopped working for me, but that doesn’t happen to everyone! I credit it with giving me my life back multiple times. Good luck!

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  2. It looks like your meds may have caused too much dopamine to be blocked and they are trying to increase some by using Abilify. My psychiatrist would not prescribe olanzapine and Abilify at the same time because olanzapine blocks dopamine and Abilify is a partial agonist for dopamine. When I was just on Abilify it made me feel like I had to move or do something all of the time; it’s called akasthisia and is very uncomfortable. But given how sedating olanzapine is, you may not experience that level of agitation. Instead, it could give you a boost. I use Ritalin for my boost. Without it, I have narcolepsy but also I get depressed on just olanzapine. It makes me too flat to be motivated. Maybe your depression is olanzapine induced. If the Abilify doesn’t work maybe reducing olanzapine will help? I hope it all gets sorted out for you. I wish meds were simpler as it is hard finding the sweet spot. Take care 🙂

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  3. I hope your meds continue to work. My doc just added Rexulti to my 200 mg of Zoloft that he got me up to. He kept pushing me up. I feel like my life experiences are what is helping, rather than the med. But we shall see. I have a good week..a bad week. I hate it. The bad is super bad…and then somehow I have a good week. Hold on buddy. Hold on with me.

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