Coping With loneliness, How Do You Do It?

For part of the week I don’t have my children living with me (Shared custody), and it is on these days that I struggle with loneliness. I have no friends or family (in another country). I lost my friends through my recklessness when I was going through a breakdown/manic high (this recklessness has left me with criminal convictions). So with everything that has happened I am sitting here, alone, in my cell known as home.

I have tried walks and hobbies. The problem is my hobby of reading requires concentration, I don’t have any concentration so I cant enjoy a good book. I have also tried just binge watching Netflix, which is great but not a healthy way to get through my days. I even look forward to my meetings with my doctor, just so I can talk to someone. Recently, I started writing to a pen-pal in the USA and that was a great way for me to talk with someone who is going through similar mental hurdles, and then my concentration has put a stop to that. Don’t worry Angela I will get some letters back to you soon.

My question is for all you lonely people reading this blog, how do you do it? What things do you do? What am I missing. Its not like in the 80’s when you could just walk down the road and make a friend, then play some football. Sigh…how it’s all changed.


  1. I understand the loneliness and the lack of concentration. I can’t tell you how many books I have on my shelf I haven’t touched because I just can’t concentrate. It doesn’t work all the time I won’t lie to you, but sometimes just listening to a song on repeat by an artist I really really love can make me feel less lonely even if it doesn’t last that long. Loneliness is an enemy of mine I wouldn’t wish on anyone because of how dark she is.

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  2. How about trying a simple volunteer job? You’ll be helping people out and engaging with your community. You might make friends or at least acquaintances, and the commitment level is relatively low compared with a paid job. I’ve also found that I can concentrate better on audiobooks than physical books. Podcasts are great too, especially when they are a conversation between people and not just someone talking at you; it feels like you are listening in 🙂

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  3. I’m in a very similar situation. I have no family or friends where I live. My kids are 14 and 18 but are busy with school and stay with their dad for extended stays during the summer. I can go a week in the summer having only spoken to my dogs. Soon my kids will be both adults. I can’t work for 2 years because of bankruptcy. I’m looking into volunteering but do not have a good track record. Volunteering can bring up transportation issues, social anxiety…but I’m determined to figure out how to beat it and develop relationships with people. I don’t have answers, but I understand the loneliness. I hope things get better for you 🙂

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  4. I too struggle with loneliness. I have a daughter who is out on her own. My mom passed away 10 months ago. She lived with me the last two years. My dad passed away a year and a half before my mom (they were divorced). Doesn’t matter. I tried to get close with my brother, but that didn’t work. He was going to therapy with me and then decided to back off. So I have had the loneliness every day. What I did though was go on a dating site. It made me even more anxious, but now I am trying to go with it. We shall see how it goes. But it has helped a little. This loneliness will pass for you. I feel you though. I am there too at times. The past couple days have been okay. But that’s because I am not overthinking it either. It’s tough. I am here with you.

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