Does Lorazepam Work For You?

Within the past two days I got to a point were I couldn’t deal with the severe anxiety I was suffering with. Then came the decision to contact my areas crisis team, who promptly put me in touch with my case manager.

My case manager is great, he gets stuff done when I need it doing. While talking to him the other days and telling him about my anxiety he went about his way to organise a lorazepam script for me.

Just half an hour later and I have picked up my lorazepam from the pharmacy, instructions to take 1 three times a day. So I get straight into my first dose…just like that the anxiety fades away. Lorazepam does a great job at short term anxiety reduction.

Now I don’t want to be on benzos my entirety of my life, what are other non benzo medications that help with anxiety?

UPDATE: I still have a lack of appetite as mentioned in this post.


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