Loss of appetite

This unexpected side effect hit me about a week ago. I complete loss of appetite. I don’t eat breakfast, lunch, instead I drink lots of water. My dinners are very minimal too.

To top it off I have lost somewhere between 3-5kg, which is good if you’re wanting to lose weight.

Anyone else suffer with a loss of appetite? What fixed or helped with it?

I may have to pop a visit to the doctor on my schedule.


  1. I had a loss of appetite when I started my sertraline, I found that eating little and often helped. A lot of the time I had a slice of toast with jam, marmalade or something on it which helped xxx

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  2. I sometimes lose my appetite when I’m incredibly stressed, particularly about my relationships. If I feel like I’m losing one of my close friends, I won’t eat as much as usual (I still have to eat dinner because I have to take some of my medicine with food).

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