Reflecting On Mental Health May

As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close in the USA, I thought why not reflect on my own progress this month.

Short Reflection:
Predominantly I have been depressed during the month. This has been coupled with about 7 days of severe anxiety and paranoia. Included with them has been a lack of appetite (lost 3kg+) and an annoying hand tremor. The hand tremor has stopped my ability to write to my pen pal over in the states, I do intend to get a letter back to you shortly.

I find my biggest problem is that I tend to lock myself away in my house. I don’t go out or really have anyone to socialise with, which I am learning to deal with. While locked in my house that’s when the anxiety and paranoia hit, and they hit hard.

My biggest win this month is managing to train my thoughts. Now I have only just started doing this (Thinking happy thoughts, breathing techniques, etc) and am not expert but I am find it works. Long may this last, because I truly know how unpredictable our moods can be with bipolar.

I hope everyone else in my blog sphere are doing well? What have been your biggest wins over the month?

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