Slow Day

So am still feeling down and depressed most of the time, with little glimmers of happiness trying to get through but failing. I am trying so hard to feel happy and energetic for my kid’s but it’s such an effort. I feel bad for them, even though they tell me being able to use their devices while at mine is fun, I just sit here on mine with an overwhelming sense of being a failure. A failure in life.

I am just about to watch Z Nation while the kids play games on their devices.

PS. I am hating this hand tremor. Going to speak to doctor about it when I see her next.


  1. You’re not a failure! You’re a hero in the eyes of those kids 🌸 Sometimes, they just want dad to sit next to them and get into the game they’re playing or watch a movie with them. Quality time just means doing together.. That’s a good parent 🙂

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