Depression, Anxiety & A Declining Mood

I am writing this blog post with a pain in the ass hand tremor, it seems to get worse when I am anxious.

So over the past week I have suffered ever possible emotion/mood. When I am home alone, I suffer with anxiety and paranoia and when I am around other people I feel a bit of social anxiety. It has also affected my appetite, I have none, I could go the whole day without eating, just drinking. I have lost weight because of it, which is the only positive I can take from it.

At its height I was close to having a full on panic attack. This happened during a dinner when I was with my partner and her family. I ordered a wonderful looking rib eye steak meal, which I didn’t eat. After I finished my two mouthfuls I began to feel dizzy and broke out in a sweat, I could hear in my head everyone’s chatter around me. I fought so hard to fight it back, and fight it back I did. I didn’t manage to finish my meal but I lessened my anxiety and was able to socialise and function at this dinner.

This post may be a bit jumbled because I am currently rapidly cycling between depression and mania. The mania only lasts about ten minutes at best, the depression obviously winning that battle.

I am considering asking my psychiatrist if I can come off all my medications as I feel it’s the medications that are making me depressed. Has anyone else gone off medications? what are your experiences?


  1. going off meds should only be done under a doctor’s care. some of them have nasty withdrawal effects. changing meds might be an option. it can take time to find what works for you. hope you feel better soon.

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  2. I recently went off meds because of low sodium and experienced mania while on a very low dose of medication. So, I’m on olanzapine now and don’t think I want to try going off medications again. I did live for several years off medications-but looking back-my life was a mess that it did not need to be. Maybe your meds are interacting badly and reducing one at a time will help find the one causing it. I have had that experience in the past which is why I try to only take one thing now. I hope you feel better soon. You’ve had a really tough time. Take care 🙂

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