Is Lorazepam A Long Term Solution For Anxiety

So I have been on/off Lorazepam for that past two/three weeks for the sudden onset of anxiety I have. Is it suitable as long term medication? Who else uses this or other benzodiazepines? If it isn’t a suitable long term medication, what medications have you been put on?


  1. I take buspar 2times a day and hydroxyzine for sudden onset. Anxiety meds are kind of like sleeping meds in a way that doctors would ideally like to prescribe them for short term, but end up prescribing them for long term. The one bad thing about being on a benzo for a long period of time is the risk of addiction. When I was at the beginning of my treatment many moons ago, I was on klonopin long term. Ditched that doctor and then was given Ativan from my GP until I could get to see a new psych. The clinic I go to now is also a drug treatment facility, so policy is to not give out benzos, hence why I am on buspar and hydroxyzine. You can not become addicted to these.

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  2. Generally speaking, you wouldn’t really want to be on benzo’s long term as they can be quite addictive, and you require more for the same effect the longer you’ve been on them. They are great for when you have sudden onset anxiety though – and I’ve personally used Lorazepam for ~4 weeks and Clonazepam for a further few weeks, with daily use. Then they moved me to Promethazine once a day, and that did wonders. Was fine most of the day instead of having to wait for it to get bad enough to pop a benzo.

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