I Wish Mental Illness Was Terminal

I found this pretty controversial post of reddit and thought I would share to gather your thoughts?

First of all, I’m not downplaying the horrors of having a terminal illness. Most people don’t want to have an illness that causes death. And I understand that.

But here are my thoughts.

I, personally, wish that mental illness caused death (excluding suicide). I wish the pain would come to an end. It’s unfair that we get an illness that makes us suffer to the point where we wish we were dead, but yet it’s like “nope, no release, you have to consciously suffer for the rest of your life… Sorry!” It’s so cruel.

Imagine being stabbed in the heart over and over and never dying. If you didn’t want to die before, after the first or second stab you’ll change your mind!

I mean what the actual fuck? Doesn’t this seem cruel and fucked up to anyone else?


  1. Google Aurelia Brouwers. She was only 29 years old and suffered such crippling depression that she became the first person in the world to be legally euthanised due to depression.

    The documentary is difficult to watch, but she was fully competent and her decision absolutely her own.

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  2. It will. It’s considered degenerative, and as much as I try to be positive about what awaits me, I figure I’ll acquire dementia and die. I guess you could say I’m touched by depression right now. Wow, Callthekrankenwagen, I can’t believe she checked out at only 29. That’s nuts.

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