In A Depressive State! Sorry About Lack Of Posts.

For the past week I have been feeling really low and depressed, not wanting to get out of bed or leave the house. Today, I sat in living room alone with all curtains closed watching TV. I have no desire to go out and that scares me, so I called my case worker, went to voicemail. I am hoping he gets back to me soon and can offer some advice or have some medications tweaked. I just want to be back to 100% again, its been a long time since I have been the real me!

Hope everyone else has had a better week?


  1. Hang in there, dude. Depression sometimes happens with schizophrenia as well. The med tweak may be a good idea. Beware of suicide thoughts. If they occur, try to remember that this too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever, not even depression.


  2. I hope this feeling will pass soon. I have been in that place so many times before and while I have no magic cure I have found that being kind to myself has helped. Just do what you need to do to get from one day to the next. Sending hugs xxx

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