To stop myself sitting around being lonely and feeling sorry for myself I have started a little regime, it’s easy to begin with but the after effects of exercise really drags me out of the pit. I use MyFitnessPal (App) to track what I eat, I am aiming for 1800 calories max a day and at least 30 minutes of good exercise a day.

My exercises at the moment rotate between:
– A Good 1km walk (Minimum)
– 100 Pushups (Vertical ones at the moment, pushing off from the kitchen bench).
– 50 Situps (Only managed 36 at the most, but goal is 50).

I am aiming to be able to do the following in a few months:
– 100 pushups horizontally.
– 100 Situps
– Jog for 1km.
– Be at a weight around 86-89kg (Currently 95kg)

So today’s push-ups are done, I will now go for a walk, probably wont be a long one but I just need to get out.

That is all from me for the moment. How are you guys/girls keeping your psychical fitness in check?