Depression My Old Colleague

I haven’t blogged much of recent.

I have been dealing with depression.

It is back in full force for the first time in some time.

I have no desire to do anything.

I just want to sit around and wallow in my own thoughts.

I don’t even want to eat.

The weight gain from olanzapine is starting to annoy me.

I want to be healthy again.

I want to be fit again.

I look normal and happy on the outside, but on the inside I am breaking.

I want my mania to come back, or at least a stable mind.

What are some motivators to do while depressed?

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  1. This will sound trite but just walk around the block or walk for five minutes and talk to someone. You don’t have to say hi I’m depressed just say hi what’s new? Contact with a friend and fresh air. Then you will you accomplished something and go back to the wallow if that is what you need. Also eat something–don’t overthink what, just for energy. I haven’t eaten fruit in forever and every day I wake up thinking I “should” eat some fruit, and I like fruit!

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