Loneliness & Bipolar Disorder

Since I haven’t really put together a blog post for a over 48hrs I thought I would tackle the below question.

Is it healthy for somebody with bipolar to live alone?

That’s the question I am going to expand on in this blog post.

Living Alone is Good

The first part I will tackle is whether living alone is good for you if you have bipolar. Here are some of the good points:

  • You can do what you want. If you feel depressed you can lock yourself away without people living with you pestering you.
  • You can become more mindful of your symptoms and learn to deal with them without interference of others.
  • You don’t feel like a burden to those living with you.
  • You can be fully independent.
  • Plan your own day, do what you want.

Living alone is bad

Now let’s look at why living alone when you have bipolar is a bad thing.

  • If you’re depressed you may become suicidal and have nobody to help right away.
  • You have nobody to talk too, and may become very lonely, not having contact with other humans.
  • You may not look after your personal hygiene.
  • Without a hobby you may become bored.
  • Potential to gain weight and become lazy.

I have just hit the tip of the iceberg, can anybody else think of other things to add to my list.

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