Money Triggers My Mania

Have figured it out. Whenever, I get some surplus money my heart races and my mind runs at 110%. I have millions of rash grand ideas going through my head, setting up businesses, buying business things, to eventually wasting it and having no need for the business stuff.

Has anyone got a similar trigger, how do you deal with it?

Oh and on aside note, this dry skin from the medications is annoying. My beard gets all dandruffy and I have to constantly wash and moisturize it. SO annoying.


  1. I used to get excited about money only because it would buy me booze. Since giving up the addiction I have more money to work with. Be careful not to spend money you don’t have. But I have been known to be a spendthrift.


  2. Money is a huge problem for me. Anytime I see I have even a little extra, instead of saving it — I spend it. I’ve been trying SO hard not to do this. Now I’m in a bind because I have to buy my sister a nice baby gift and I have nothing saved. Grrr it’s a viscous cycle.


  3. If I ever have money, I’m hiring someone to manage it. I don’t trust myself not to do stupid stuff.


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