Today Was A Good Day

Woke up a bit later than usual, normally up between 7-7:30 but not today I stumbled out of bed at half eight, feeling fresh. Body obviously needed it. So to keep myself busy I did all the dishes by hand, vacuumed and cleaned all the services, just to kept busy. Then my next job was to head off shopping, so off I went to the supermarket and got my weekly staples in for the kids and I.

Picked kids up from there schools, haven’t seen them in four days so I was super excited to see them. They staying with me today and tomorrow and this whole weekend. The only gap is Friday were I work on the ambulance. There mum is good at being flexible.

Today also marks the deal I received my first hand written pen pal letter in the post. It was so nice to receive some post that was personal and not just the usual crap. This letter had come all the way from the USA, hope they receive mine very soon. I am also writing my second one between typing here and writing down my ideas.

Its such a therapeutic feeling getting a letter from somebody who suffers the same illness as you and can share experiences. I felt so driven, inspired and happy after reading my letter and would suggest others do the same, maybe we have a network of us who write each others letters?

Drop a comment if you’re interested in joining the party and we’ll see if we can match people up.

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