My First Real Panic/Anxiety Attack

It all started when I slept through my alarm, which meant I had ten minutes to get washed, cleaned and dressed ready to go the doctors for my appointment. I managed to arrive there in time, doctor was running late, so I jumped on my phone to check my finances. That’s when I felt it, body shaking, cold sweats, clammy, racing thoughts and a fight or flight response. It was caused by not receiving a payment I was due, a payment that is to buy food,etc, since am not fully working at the moment. This episode has left me shaken so once I got home I had some diazepam to calm me down.

How do those who suffer from severe anxiety deal with these scary symptoms, and do you suffer any other symptoms? Please share in the comments.


  1. I suffer from severe anxiety daily and panic attacks once in awhile. It is a very scary feeling. The panic attacks make me feel like I’m literally dying. The only thing that helps a little bit is doing 10 deep slow breaths. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Anxiety is a bitch to deal with.


  2. Sounds lame, but mindfulness and a healthy dose of meds. I have improved sooooooo muuuuuch! There are various types of mindfulness techniques but they take practice. It’s really a type of rewiring to the brain. The most important thing is to feel the anxiety, accept the anxiety, and then replace the anxiety with *insert something that makes you really happy or calm* It’s all in the mind. But the right anti-anxiety at the right dose really makes a difference too. 😉

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