As some may be aware I live alone quite a bit of the time during the week while my kids live with their mother. It can get very lonely and boring when its just yourself, you can even neglect your diet I have found out. So from my own experiences I have come up with some handy things that I do to keep loneliness at bay.

Keep a consistent routine

Very much like OCD, create yourself a simple routine. Wake up at the same time each day, have breakfast (make sure its a good breakfast) and give yourself an activity, whether that be work or whether you go for a walk. I find early morning walks are easier to do.

Eat Proper Meals

You should definitely cook good meals for yourself, I used to just binge eat terrible food, now I have learnt to cook a meal that would feed four and freeze the left overs. There you have a few ready meals for when you’re in a rush. I know how easy it is to just eat junk food or get takeaways a lot, just try put together a meal plan and stick to it.

Keeping Active

Don’t get caught sitting in front of the TV all day, or even pottering around your house, trying to find things to do. Actually, go out side of the house and do some stuff, such as go for a walk, do your gardening or something more extreme such as exercise (That’s my goal).

Play Games

Whether you have a few smartphone games or a console/computer give yourself a time-frame were you can have some fun on one of your games. I am playing Fortnite at the moment and that’s a great way to talk to other humans (using the in-game chat).

What other ways have others done to prevent loneliness?