Left Atrial Enlargement Discovered While Working

It was a quiet period working ambulance last night so I thought I would connect myself up to all the machines, with the help of a colleague and give myself a good checking over.

Couple of surprises the ECG showed I had left atrial enlargement, which could be caused by a number of things. My blood pressure was also 160/102, which was concerning mixed with the atrial enlargement and my current cholesterol of 8.0. To put it in simple terms, I am a heart attack waiting to happen.

I have promptly booked in to see my doctor next week to discuss my findings and what the best next step is. I already know I need to get out more, I am working on that. I also take atorvastatin, and may possibly need to take a blood pressure reducing drug. Who knows, I am not a doctor, just an emergency medic.

I am only 36, I need to sort my shit out! Sorry for the cursing 🙂


  1. Teddy…I’m so pleased to hear you’re getting checked. You deffo don’t want to join my club, that’s for sure. Fingers crossed your outlook is good. You can so turn this around! Even if it’s just taking the right drugs and looking after yourself with diet and exercise xx

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