Medic @ ANZAC Day

Started at 4am today, had to get to the ambulance station to get our ambulance ready for today’s event. See today I was working an event as event medical services, as opposed to working on the frontline. Events are a nice change at times. So once we had the ambulance equipped and our team of four at the ready we headed off to the coast for the dawn service which started at 6am.

It was pitch black, no sunrise in sight and a bit chilly. The turnout was easily over 1000 people. We had the ambulance at the front, so we had front row seats. This event was uneventful, no injuries or concerns.

The next service started at 11am, so from the dawn service we had breakfast, provided by the wonderful people at the RSA (Returning Services Association). Again we got a prime parking spot when we arrived at out next location. The sun was out and it was scorching hot. It was much more eventful here, lots of patients with heat stroke, etc. So that kept us busy.

Finally got home at 1:30pm and had some lunch. My Bipolar has been stable today, although I feel a manic episode about to start. Hope everyone elses ANZAC day was enjoyable.

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