Thank You Mania, You’re Back!

It was as if somebody plugged in the mania. It happened suddenly, I’d say about 6pm, when I am due too my medications. It started with being restless, brain thinking of everything I should do. Took all of five minutes for me to get going. I have rearranged my bedroom, deep cleaned the kitchen, organised and cleaned living area as well as toilet and bathrooms. Pretty happy with myself, the only problem is now I am sitting down thinking of what next to do…I think I may take my Olanzapine and some diazepam to help suppress this mania.

Once a week of this mania would be nice, get all my weekly chores done haha.

How do you all deal with the mania when it starts?


  1. I dunno which is more miserable, bipolar or schizophrenia. One is a mood disorder, the other one of thought. I sympathize with bipolar sufferers, of course. Psychosis can occur with both illnesses. Currently my symptoms are under control with a drug called Vraylar, which may have a side effect I just now realize. It is a pain in my legs, edema on the bone marrow. But I can’t prove that the drug is responsible yet. It takes years and many cases before correlation becomes closer to cause. We have to be our own doctors, wouldn’t you agree? Thanks for the follow, and I am following you as well. See you later.

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