Opinion: What Does It Feel Like To Have Bipolar

I guess it feels normal, because I haven’t not ever had bipolar. The real question we should ask ourselves is what is it like to not have bipolar?

Teddy: Bipolar for me is a daily roller-coaster ride. Some mornings I wake up, sun shining, birds chirping and I have a spring in my step as a trot into the kitchen to make some breakfast. Then the’re other mornings when the alarm clock goes off, I feel sick, I stay lying in bed, can’t open the curtains and haven’t the energy to get up, dressed and eat. I just lay there in my bed all day watch TV.
Now that is just a small snippet of what it is like in the mornings.
How would you guys describe what bipolar is like?

One comment

  1. Bipolar is unpredictable. One moment you have so much motivation, rapid thoughts, ideas… on top of the world. Next, low, depression, listless. & like, “why live?”
    Too many thoughts, that control you, you’re not good enough, etc.

    I’m speaking for my son, my sister, and my brother who died by suicide.
    I see it, I’ve advocated for them. 💚 It’s why I do what I do.



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