Opinion: Rage, How Do You Manage It?

It’s a common trait for those with bipolar and in their manic phase to show some form of aggression. My question is, what is your aggression/rage and how do you deal with it?

Teddy: I don’t get psychically aggressive I became emotionally aggressive. This is what I now know ended my marriage. I was always putting her down, making her feel worthless and in the end she had had enough. I own my mistakes and I know that I am a better person know that I have acknowledged what I did. For me, dealing with it and stopping it coming back was a combination of accepting what I did and my currently medication therapy which helps my moods.

Please post your contributions into the comments so I can feature them on my post.


  1. I used to get aggressive towards my family (not wife and kids) when I was manic. These were the times I was not medicated. For me, CBT therapy has been a life changer.

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  2. On my journey with Bipolar I have come to realize I can go into a rage at any stage of the illness; mania, depression, and then there is aggravation which stems again, from both of the aforementioned moods. Rage happens because you can’t decipher your feelings. I’ve only found two things I can do when in a rage, well three if you count apologizing after a rageful episode. I can be SO UGLY. I feel it bubbling up inside me. That is when I isolate. Not because I want to, but because it is the safest thing to do for all involved. It will prevent me from making an ass out of myself and it will prevent other innocent bystanders from being hurt either physically or emotionally. My tongue can be deadly. If that doesn’t help, I take a nap. I am lucky in that I can do that because I am a housewife. I know it is impossible to do if you are working. But I usually feel a hell of a lot better after a nap. Those are the only two ways I have been able to deal with the rage monster. I’m looking forward to other’s responses.


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