Opinion: Does Bipolar Effect A Persons Memory

Does Bipolar Effect & Persons Memory?

Teddy: For sure it does, I find myself having to write things down to help with my short term memory. My long term memory is also sketchy at best. I am wondering though, is it the bipolar, or is it the medication?

Please add your answers in the comments below, I will feature them on this page.


  1. An overwhelming yes. I have moments when I drive and forget where I am going. I do think it may have something to do with the medications for bipolar. Not sure which one though.

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  2. Most definitely. My short term is shit. My long term is excellent. But it is due to the medication, not the disease. It is a very common side effect to taking meds. And not any one type of particular medication. They all contribute to chipping away at the memory. I have to write things down on calendars and have offices call me for appointment reminders, I have to make lists. I leave a notebook on the coffee table on the side where I sit so when things pop in my head, I write them down so I don’t forget. One medication I was on really effed me up (It was an antidepressant for my fibromyalgia, not for bipolar) I literally felt like I had dementia. I couldn’t recall the names of simple things like a faucet. My words made no sense. Once I was taken off of the medication it went away (thank heavens!). So yep… it’s the medication, not the disease.


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