Medication & Weight Gain

I have noticed over the past few months that my appetite has greatly increased and my weight has been effected. Back in January 2019, I weighed 86kg (189lbs), I felt good and had normal mobility (i.e. I could play sport). Now it’s April 2019 and my weight is 95kg (206lbs), thats an increase of 9kg (20lbs) in three months.

Now I am sure it is one of the medications I am taking, I just don’t know which one? Anyone else having weight gain, and if so which medications are causing it?

Medications I am taking:

  • Lithium 1200mg
  • Olanzapine 20mg
  • Atorvastation 20mg
  • Diazepam 20mg


  1. It is most likely the Olanzapine. Antipsychotics are known to cause weight gain. All of them. I am very overweight. I don’t eat horribly, but due to the depressive episodes, I don’t exercise as I should. Exercise if you can manage it, can be a game changer. Though it will be something that you will have to work at constantly as long as you are on psych meds. Snack healthy and make good choices for meals. But as long as you are on an antipsychotic, it is going to be an issue. Just one of those choices you need to make; fat and sane or skinny and insane?


  2. Olanzapine is notorious for causing weight gain. I take the lowest dose possible of Risperdal, only when I’m having issues with the Schizoaffective disorder (it’s relatively mild), and even with all the topamax I take, I notice my appetite goes wild whenever I need to take the antipsychotic. Frustrating for a girl with eating disorder issues 🙄. I try to offset it with healthy eating and lots of walking, despite wanting to shove cake into my face. People seem to gain regardless, though – I read that it’s because they mess with the intestinal microbiomes, which affect metabolism. So…don’t know how that helps. Drink kombucha and wear Birkenstocks, lol? I do know the topamax does offset the weight gain. I’m still thin, and my doc mentioned that med is useful for counteracting weight gain caused by antipsychotics.

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