Most of you already know that I that I work as a Front line Emergency Ambulance Officer. This work is voluntary, as it’s my way to give back to this beautiful country for letting me live and work here.

Now not many people would associate working as an ambulance officer being beneficial to ones mental health. However, in my case its one of my saving graces. I love the busyness, the complex needs of my patients and the life/death decisions that we have to make on the spot.

My sift starts in a couple of hours, having just dropped my kids off at their mothers house. I prefer the night-shift when working on the ambulance, it’s easier for me to manage and doesn’t effect any day job that I have. The shifts run from 18:00-Midnight and can get rather busy, especially during the holiday periods, such as today, being Easter Monday. Some people may still be partying, but I would guess the majority of people will be travelling back home from their family visits.