Today being Easter Sunday I decided to have a “sleep in” and get up at 8am, instead of when I hear the two kids rummaging around at 7am, and you know what I saw when I got up was the kids watching other people playing games on Youtube! That’s right, they didn’t play on the console themselves but instead sat there glued to the TV screen watching them play and commentate on games such as Fortnite, ROBLOX and Minecraft.

I just find it weird that they are fascinated by others playing, I wonder if its to improve their own skills on the game or is it more sinister and they cannot concentrate on the standard TV programming or a good book anymore.

What is your experiences of this, do your kids must prefer watching others play games than actually play them themselves at times? I know I prefer to play a game instead of watching it. That may be why I am so bad at Fortnite.