What Is Medical Care Like Where You Live?

Recently, I was privy to some internet advertisements offering me health insurance in the USA when I live in New Zealand. I also hear a lot of people talking about how expensive it is to see doctors in other countries. This got me curious and wanting to find out more.

Here in New Zealand Healthcare is mostly free:

  • Hospital treatment is free.
  • All A+E is free.
  • Doctors cost between $0-$45 per visit.
  • Specialists Doctors are free.
  • Prescriptions are $5 an item.
  • Ambulances can cost $120.

What fees and costs do you have in your home country, please comment below.


  1. Oh boy, it is SO different in the USA. Insurance is SOOOO expensive but you can get into the doctor pretty much whenever needed. Going to your primary care physician isn’t expensive, but specialist visits range anywhere from $0-$200 per visit, prescriptions range from $0-thousands of dollars….we don’t have universal health care


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