The Loss Of Material Friends

I talked about the importance of friends a month or two about, the ones that stand by you and help you out no matter what. Well, things have changed and I haven’t had any contact with these friends since the big mental breakdown. Don’t get me wrong they came to me in distress, got me to the GP and were the catalyst in my dealings with the community mental health team. Then, they disappeared…

It’s been over a month. Not one message or hello. They have alienated me, and I have no desire to reconnect with them. I now have to take on this epic journey alone, well not quite alone, my wonderful partner has been here the whole way and continues to support me, even when I make and do dumb stuff. She, along with my kids are the sole reason I am still fighting this fight.

But loneliness sucks, I have nobody to vent to and nobody to share what I am thinking to. I don’t want to burden my partner or kids with my mental health battles, they deserve a better version of me. I need a friend, one who understands and can relate.

That’s how this blog has been so therapeutic for me, connecting with hundreds of people, reading your comments and following your blogs. It’s such a relief knowing that there are others out there just like me.

So thank you internet friends, you are the ones I can vent to, and post what is happening with my life. I hope I can repay it by being active on your blogs.

Long may it last.


  1. Hi Teddy, Don’t feel that you are a burden on your wife. Your children can wait to fully understand what is going on but she can help you, help them to understand. Let her in, allow her to fully understand what you have come to find out about yourself so the Unseen loses its power.

    I really just wanted to thank you for the follow but I couldn’t help but leave a comment.


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  2. I truly believe that your partner would love to be there for your. I have gone through the same things with my friends. I really don’t have any. At least friends that I can truly rely on. I am ALWAYS here for you. You can whatapps me anytime of day. That’s what friends are for!


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