Just Took Some Diazepam

Now they are meant as my PRN medication, but I just felt a sudden urge to need to take some. The slow acting demon was starting to run through my veins, the feeling of losing control, depression and anxiety all beginning to manifest. I had to ask the question why? and I truly don’t know what has triggered this event. Anyway I took 20mg of Diazepam, so I hope that this little “blip” in my mood quickly restores itself back into normality.

Think I will make myself a nice plunger coffee, coffee can at times make me feel better, probably because I am being put into a manic mood.

Anyhow thought I would share, we all have good and bad times, we just have to remember that there is always hope. No matter how bad you feel, somebody out there cares for you and will genuinely help you. You just might not know it yet.

So remember to talk about your mental issues, I would love to hear them, and help you try go get through them, as I too am suffering and battling daily to fend off these demons.

There is always hope!

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