Easter Weekend Happenings

Now I am not the religious type, I wouldn’t say I am an atheist as such, I associate with Buddhism more than anything. I am even practising Buddhism in aid of helping me become more mindful and help with my bipolar moods. I am only new to it so will let you know how that all goes.

Anyway, Easter! What a crap holiday. One were we buy kids chocolate eggs and let them devour them one after the other. Not at my house! To be kind I did purchase them one Easter egg each, which they were grateful for. You see I have brought them up to be grateful for what is given, and not ungrateful for what they don’t get.

So on Thursday we went out fishing, I took the kids to my favourite little spot off a wharf hidden amongst a picturesque beach. To my actual amazement they both caught fish, seeing the excitement of them catching their first fishes was immeasurable and filled me with joy. It was as if I didn’t have bipolar anymore, I was in my happy place.

It’s pretty obvious to me that my kids and spending time with them are my bipolar stabiliser. It’s when they’re not here that I struggle, and by struggle I mean really struggle. I deal with hallucinations, delirium and severe mania.

Today, being Easter Sunday some of the shops are closed so the kids and I are having a technology day. My daughter, the youngest, is playing Minecraft, creating her own village. Whereas, my son is playing a game called ROBLOX, making his own levels for others to play. Then there is me, I am blogging as well as trying to promote my blog. This is in aid of reaching out to more people suffering with bipolar, helping them cope and hoping that by reading my struggles they find refuge and hope for themselves.

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