But The Days Are Becoming Bearable

Well it’s been a long time coming, a real long time coming, with this outrageously long bout of mania. If I could put a time frame of how long I have been suffering with mania, we are looking at about nine months to a year. My psychiatrist and I have been for the last three months trying to get this mania under control, hence the olanzapine I have been prescribed along with the lithium.

These medications have had some positive results, it has reduced the severity of my mania to a more manageable one, but hasn’t reduced it all together yet. To put it in perspective, it’s as if I am floating through the sky on a parachute, some days I am gliding down back to earth, slowly and speedy, while some days I am hurdling at great speeds to the ground (this is when my mania is at its worse).

I am fortunate enough to say that I am now getting used to this parachute effect and I am learning to deal with this mania. I mean I am still a danger to myself when it’s severe, but with the help and support from the mental help team it has become more bearable. It took a whole lot of honestly at my last appointment to admit that I am still manic and have been since my marriage breakup. The team at the hospital think that the breakup was the trauma that triggered my bipolar. I am not sure about it, but I will write a post about it and see if that reflection does help.

Peace Out Everyone…Thanks For Reading.