If you have been keeping up with my blog you will know by now that I have been struggling to read. My racing mind has made it impossible to actually even get through one chapter in a book. Then came today, I don’t know what’s different, possibly my medications are working much better but I am able to read a book *fingers crossed still*. I picked up a book by Terry Brooks, titled Armageddons Children (I love Brook’s Shannara series). I have so far read three chapters and instead of feeling “meh” about it, I am actually, dare I say it, hooked. I just hope that I finish it as I intend to complete the whole Shannara series by Brooks.

I have already read The Sword of Shannara series and these had me hooked from the first page. Now its time to read the rest of the series, I think I have about another ten plus books to read. Fantasy and Science Fiction are my favourite genres.

You guys have any good fantasy or science fiction books you would recommend? In fantasy I am a big fan of detailed world building and strong character development, while in science fiction I look for first contact type of books.

Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful Easter Weekend! Don’t eat too much chocolate.