Good Friday Fishing Adventure

It’s as if the world has come to and end, shops closed for the day, roads much quieter…all for Good Friday. Now I am not the religious type, but I do enjoy a good holiday. This Easter I have both my kids staying with me (School Holidays) so I have to come up with some cool activities as I want to limit their screen time. Plus, it’s another beautiful day here in the sub-tropics.

I did take them fishing on Wednesday, both caught a fish each and they were stoked, it was their first ever fish. Now, my oldest who is eleven has been asking me to go back fishing. He wants to learn to cast and setup him rod, which is great. My daughter, eight, also enjoyed herself. She was over the moon as she caught the bigger of the fish.

Previously, they didn’t enjoy fishing because we just didn’t catch anything, due to our choice of locations. Now we have found a good little spot which has brought us some luck, I will have to check the tide so we don’t go at low tide.

I also want to get some of the board games out and RPG games to play with them. I will try to get them into Magic: The Gathering. I have hundreds of cards for them to use. I find having my kids puts all my mental health issues aside and I don’t usually suffer with any side effects, etc.

Those readers with kids, what have you planned for the holidays?

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