I Have Deleted Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat and I Feel Great!

It’s been about six days now since I deleted all my personal social media accounts, going off-grid in an online sense. At first it was hard because I had the habit of just going to these sites to be nosey and see what everyone was up to. It was like coming off a drug, the withdrawals and sweats, thinking about what Dave was having for lunch, or what Carl was doing with his family I found the more time that passed the withdrawal symptoms decreased. Now, I am symptom free. I am a survivor. I have removed myself from the constant privacy violations. I feel free.

Now not all social media accounts have been deleted, I have kept my blog as its therapeutic for me and helps me with my bipolar. I also use this blog to help others who have bipolar, so its more than me just posting pictures and writing silly comments.

Has anybody else thought about removing themselves from social media? or don’t you use it? Share your stories.


  1. I have deleted my facebook account so many times in the past! I found myself getting super annoyed at people and couldn’t deal with their BS. But now, I’m kind of stuck with it. Though I only use it for branding and advertising purposes. I’m still learning to be less of an introvert though it’s tough. Glad you’re not deleting your blog! I enjoy reading your posts.

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  2. I take breaks. I can’t quit all together because FB is how I keep up with my friends that are scattered all over the globe. Keeping in touch via FB is easier than trying to work out times to call due to time changes.

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